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Things to do Before Your Baby Arrives

March 22, 2023

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Things to do for Your Baby to Arrive

Ahh, you’re getting ready for a baby to arrive soon, and you’re thinking of allllll the things to do before your baby arrives, which is SO exciting, but also overwhelming. There are SO many things you need to do and learn, but where do you start? This blog will outline 5 different ways to prepare for your new baby to arrive.

Family ready for the baby to arrive and taking maternity family photos.

1. Host a Nesting Party Before the Baby Arrives!

One thing you can do is host a nesting party with some of your closest friends or relatives. During this time, you can have them come over to help you meal prep several meals that you can throw into the freezer and pull out once the baby arrives. If you are needing some recipe ideas, here are a few you can use. Another idea is to have those people help you deep clean your home so that you feel the house is ready for your new babe to arrive.

maternity photos before the baby arrives.

2. Create your registry.

It can be overwhelming to even know where to start, but I promise you GOT this! One of the best ways to know what to get is to ask the people around you that have had babies. There are things you may want to splurge on, and others that you may not. Another way is to read about this, or listen to podcasts that focus on baby prep. A favorite resource that can give you guidance and a place to create is a registry is Buy Buy Baby.

3. Choose/Create Your Birth Plan

We grow up thinking the only option to have birth is in the hospital, with an OBGYN. That option is traditional, healthy, and okay! But there are other options you can add to that if you want extra support. Whether it be adding a doula or mid-wife to assist you and help advocate for you, it’s what you find fits your needs. Two other options that people consider when giving birth are doing it at home or at a birthing center. Regardless of what you choose, it is important to have a plan on what route you would like to go as well as understanding what you want when giving birth. Are you okay with an epidural? Do you want to avoid c-section at all costs? etc. Here is a blog that will guide you through step by step with creating a birth plan.

family at the houston arboretum walking

4. Book a Maternity and Newborn Session with a Local Photographer

To get the photos, or to not. Having a baby and kids in general can be so EXPENSIVE! You also may feel overwhelmed and like this is the last thing you need to think about. But, the season you are in FLIES by, and before you know it, you will blink, and your baby will be grown. Photos freeze the season you are in and allow you to have them to look back on for the rest of your life. One day, your own baby will become a parent, and they will want to have these photos to look back on, too! If you are in the Houston area, and looking for a maternity and newborn photographer, I would love to photograph you! You can inquire here.

5. Pace Yourself!

There is a lot of new learning, new things to be purchasing, and lots of things to do in order to feel prepared for the baby to arrive. Something I do when there are A LOT of tasks to get done, is I do something called a “brain dump”. You can have a section of a notebook or on a google doc where you just jot down EVERYTHING you can think of that needs to get done before baby comes. Then get either a large calendar or a planner and start chunking out the different tasks. Pick what week you will focus on them and then jot those specific tasks down on specific days. Once you are done, you can go back to the brain dump list and mark off the task that was complete. This can help you feel a little bit more organized and less overwhelmed/scatter brained.

I hope that this blog helped you feel a little bit more ready on accomplishing things to do before your baby arrives. To read more in depth tips on preparing for your baby to arrive, read the blog: 58 Important Things to Do Before the Baby Arrives.

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