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Have Amazing Birthing Support With These Houston Doulas!

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Houston is an enormous city, which can be massively overwhelming when you’re preparing to or have just welcomed the newest family member into the world! Luckily, it is also home to several Houston doulas that are well-trained and passionate about providing the best postpartum and birthing care. Doulas supply emotional, physical, and informational support to new parents before, during, and after childbirth. Some specialize in solely postpartum care, while others work in the full spectrum from pre- to postpartum. 

Details of a sleeping newborn baby in dad's arms

4 Houston Doulas Providing Empowering & Educational Support Services to Families

The Doula Emily

Emily Rabe, also known as The Doula Emily, works in the Inner Loop, Greater Heights, Galleria/Uptown, Bellaire/West University, Medical Center, Downtown, Memorial Park/Rice Military, Memorial, Spring Branch, and Spring Valley. She practices specifically in the fourth trimester or the three months following birth. 

Any parent knows how hard those first three months can be! Emily assists with physically caring for the new mom and baby. Additionally, she provides emotional support for not just the mom but the whole family as they adjust to the addition of their new family member. Even the most overwhelming everyday tasks—like washing the pump and bottle parts—are no match for Emily’s assistance. I have personally met Emily and would hire her in a heartbeat just for her personality and heart for mamas.

New parents kiss while playing with their newborn baby boy on a bed houston doulas

The Motherhood Center

The Motherhood Center, located inside The Loop, was founded by Gabriella Gerhart and has quickly been established colloquially as the “Mommy Country Club.” Their team of doulas has undergone hand-screening and selection by Gerhart to provide premier care to their clients. They provide support for the new mom and baby, assisting with meal prep and household organization and helping any older siblings adjust to the change in the family. 

In addition to doula services, The Motherhood Center also has:

  • prenatal and parenting education classes,
  • yoga and fitness classes,
  • massage services, and
  • help to find childcare.
A new mom smiles down at her newborn baby in her arms

Marley & Moo

Marley & Moo, founded by a mom of four and Certified Birth Doula Latina, provides birth doula services to families in the Houston and Phoenix metro areas and is committed to giving birthing parents and their partners “24/7 non-judgmental support.” They offer three kinds of doula packages:

  • Doula Virtuelle,
  • an all-virtual option,
  • labor support only, and
  • a full support package. 

They also offer a unique package called The Sibling Doula for parents expecting their second, third, or even fourth child. The doula is there for the care of older siblings either at the hospital or at home on the day of labor. They also help them adjust to the family’s new addition. 

A newborn baby sleeps in dad's lap while mom and dad place hands beneath him

Tally + Bean

Tally + Bean is run by Natalia Block, a Certified Postpartum Doula and Licensed K-12 Art Educator, who founded her doula practice after experiencing her own pregnancy loss in 2019. She specializes in providing postpartum support for all kinds of families, form their family through adoption, or are experiencing a loss. 

Describing a postpartum doula as “your very own hype person that supports you through the fourth trimester,” Natalia meets families’ unique needs through compassionate support for all family members and access to resources for grief and loss or transitional NICU support. 

Village Bloom Birthworks

Village Bloom Birthworks supports all birth types including but not limited to first-time births, VBAC, home birth, birth center birth, unmedicated birth and emergency c-section. Malorie serves families all over the Greater Houston Area.

This amazing Houston doula provides services during pregnancy, labor and postpartum through doula services. She focuses on a whole family approach to doula support that aims to include the birther, their partner and their new baby. Birthers will walk away from their birth feeling supported and informed, regardless of the outcome. Birth and postpartum trauma be gone!

Village Bloom Birthworks’ vision is to provide emotional, physical and informational support to all my clients through a compassionate and empathetic lens. What makes her stand out is her approach of being a combination of science and nature. She likes to combine evidence based research with natural and homeopathic measures to ensure the best outcomes for clients.

A new mother snuggles with her sleeping newborn baby in her arms

Houston Doulas

I hope you feel encouraged reading about these Houston doulas for new parent support! Once the new addition to your family has arrived, I am a local photographer. I would love to serve your family through my photography business. Feel free to check out my website and connect with me!

Okay, so you have your doula. Now, it’s time to think about pictures! I’m a Houston photographer, and I adore getting to work with families! So they can have gorgeous memories of these early years. As a mom myself, I know how fast this stage flies by, and I want to help you remember it! If you’ve been looking for a photographer who will be there to help you capture these early years, then let’s chat! Contact me today so we can book your session.

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