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Walking Trails in Houston | The Most Gorgeous Trails to Walk

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Walking Trails in Houston

When I first moved to Houston from the midwest, I was a little overwhelmed with how large this city is and felt almost paralyzed with how many options there were when it came to walking trails in Houston! Houston is huge, and it can be overwhelming to know where to start when it comes to finding new trails and parks to explore. Hopefully this blog will be able to help you keep a list of ones to check out!

family at the Houston Arboretum

1. Houston Arboretum

Okay, this one is absolutely one of my favorites! I LOVE how well this space is maintained through all seasons, the peacefulness, the amount of land and trails to explore, and just the overall beauty. This place is a must see and is located just past Memorial Park area. You do have to pay for parking, but on Thursdays it is free!


2. Hermann Park

This is more of a city vibe compared to the Arboretum but WOW! It is also such a gorgeous walking trail to explore. Lined with stunning oak trees and a fun, vibrant environment of tons of people having picnics, playing games, walking, hanging out by the fountain/lake… this place is a gem. This is right next to the Houston zoo. Parking is free if you park near the zoo. We like to catch a show at the Miller Outdoor Theatre when we go and to grab some tacos from Bodega’s Taco Shop!


couple near a walking trail at the Buffalo Bayou in Houston, TX

3. Buffalo Bayou Park

Another just outside the city is Buffalo Bayou Park. This park is HUGE and has tons of walking trail options as well as biking. Popular for the beautiful trees and skyline, many people come here for exercise, hang outs, photos, and more. Definitely be sure to check this one out! You do have to pay for parking with the meter or an app, but it is only a couple of dollars.


mother and son at Memorial Park walking trails in Houston

4. Memorial Park + Eastern Glades

Memorial Park has had SO many new additions added on! The nature, the trees, the amount of people hanging out, exercising, and enjoying the atmosphere is just amazing. This area has been recently renovated and stretches miles and miles long! You will have to come here multiple times in order to feel like you have seen it all. There are parking charges, but if you park near the pool or the neighborhoods, you can park for free.


5. Jesse Jones Park and Nature Center

This one is a little north of Houston in Humble, but is 312 ACRES!!! Wow! If you are wanting to mix it up, this one is fun to go and check out!


couple walking the trails at Terry Hershey Park in Houston

6. Terry Hershey Park Walking Trail in Houston

Talk about huge. Terry Hershey Park is another very large park to explore! With over 500 acres, it is an incredibly beautiful park with the option to walk or ride bikes. Some of the park goes behind the back yards of beautiful neighborhoods. The thing I like about Terry Hershey is that it is just outside of the Memorial area (so close ish to central Houston) and it has several sections to drive to and park at for free. I love going to a new part each time to find what else is out there. Such a beautiful area!


7. Edith Moore Sanctuary

Near One of the neighborhood entrances to Terry Hershey Park is another great walking trail in Houston called Edith Moore Sanctuary. This is a quiet, quaint, and beautiful little trail tucked away from the road/business of Houston. I loved walking this trail because of how many squirrels, birds, and bunnies we saw. It also wasn’t very busy, so it was fun to disconnect from the world with my husband.


couple at Brazos Bend just outside of Houston

8. Brazos Bend State Park

We LOVE going to Brazos Bend about 30-45 minute outside of Houston. This area feels a little more “swampy” than the others, and has a stunning variety of trees and trails to take. You WILL see alligators on your stroll, but no worries, as long as you stay on the path and away from them, you will be just fine! Since I grew up in Indiana, it always just blows my mind that they are there roaming freely! Such a neat experience in a beautiful place. Passes per individual person are $7 to get in. You can purchase ahead of time or when you get there. My husband and I also recommend staying for the galaxy exhibit later in the evening (this does require purchase of tickets, but it is so worth it!).


9. Lake Houston Wilderness Park

This is another great choice just North of Houston. This is a spot that like Brazos Bend helps you feel “out of the city” and a good time to disconnect with the world around you! It is peaceful, large, and gives a woodsy vibe. There are venomous snakes all throughout every trail in Houston because of where we are located, but I will say I have seen the most her (but don’t let that deter you, just be aware!). It is $3 per person older than the age of 13 to get in. You can pay as you enter into the park.


couple at W.D Goodrich Trails outside of Houston

10. W.G. Jones State Forest

Last, but absolutely not least, another beauty!!! North of Houston (near the Woodlands), you’ll find tall pines and beautiful trails to walk along at W.G. Jones State Forest. There are several little parks/trails near this area too, if you are feeling ambitious to check out more than one. : ) This is a must see as it is different from any of the parks/trails I listed above.


Thank you!!

I hope that you enjoyed reading about the many beautiful options for walking trails in Houston and that you find yourself some new favorite go-to spots. : ) Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and learn more about our beautiful city! I am a local photographer and would love to serve your family through my photography business. Feel free to check out my website and to connect with me!

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