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If you are looking in Houston, TX for pediatricians, I would like to introduce you to one of the kindest, intentional, knowledgeable pediatricians I have ever met. This blog will introduce you to Dr. Shirley Chan-Ramirez and share about her services.

Doctor doing an in home visit for her pediatrician practice in Houston, TX

Meet Dr. Chan, a Houston, TX pediatrician and lactation consultant.

Dr. Chan has been a pediatrician for several years. In 2021, she branched out and created her own company to better serve mothers and their babies. Dr. Chan recognized that forming Blossom Pediatrics and Lactation would allow her to spend more time with her patients, be readily available via phone, text, and email, and provide same day appointments at the office or in home.

pediatric doctor in Houston providing lactation aid

Below is a quote from her website:

“After 10 years in private practice, I decided to change how I practice medicine. By cutting out the insurance middle-man, I am able to spend more time serving your family. You’ll get my undivided attention, even when you’re not in the office!

I am putting the focus back on you and your child. Because you deserve better care. Care that is unrushed, in-depth, and attentive to your family’s individual needs.”

Dr. Chan focuses heavily on truly getting to know her patients and purposefully makes herself available to guide you through this season.

Lactation Support, Tongue Ties, & Postpartum Care with Dr. Chan

Along with being your pediatrician, she also provides tongue tie and lactation care throughout your postpartum journey if needed. Dr. Chan has past experience herself and understands how hard it can be to work through breastfeeding complications during your fourth trimester. She has been trained, certified, and mentored to provided the best of the best lactation support.

doctor with her patients in their home in Houston, TX

Services Provided by Blossom Pediatrics

Dr. Chan is available to help you in many areas. I have listed a few below to see how she may be able to help you and your family:

-regularly scheduled well visits

-same-day/next-day sick visits

-feeding and nutrition

-general lactation support

-growth and development



doctor playing with one of her patients at a pediatric appointment

I normally take newborn and family photos, but I was honored when asked to come photograph an in home visit with Dr. Chan. Before our time together, I met with Dr. Chan and learned about her story, her why. It’s one thing to hear from someone about their mission, but to see it in action is another. Dr. Chan clearly is loved by her patients. She was greeted with a hug from the mama, and it felt like I was watching her interact with friends.

The family Dr. Chan worked with were very comfortable with her and had many questions to ask while she was there. My favorite part was seeing how AMAZING she was with this little guy here. He was pretty shy and nervous about my camera at first, but it was very obvious that he adored and trusted Dr. Chan. She was able to check his heart, eyes, ears, etc. flawlessly while making him giggle at the same time.

Thank you!

Dr. Chan lives and breathes her mission: compassionate and personalized care. If you are looking for someone to truly help and care for you and your family, Dr. Chan may be a great person for you! Be sure to check out her website to learn more. If you are someone who is expecting a newborn and in need of photography services, I would love to take your pictures! Feel free to contact me here.

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