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Preparing for a Family Session

My name is Hannah DeHart and I am a local Houston photographer. Check out my photography blogs and website to see if I can serve you!

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What to do and What to Wear for a Family Photography Session

Outfit coordination

Ahhhh, having a family photography session done soon in Houston? Let this Heights family photographer help you! First, let’s start with coordinating your outfits. When it comes to colors, I ALWAYS say, “When in doubt, neutral it out.” I recommend finding a neutral or muted color palette that you enjoy, and picking colors based off of that along with some neutrals tied in. Are you wanting to shop for some new clothing?I have written a blog on my favorite Houston/online boutiques to shop from if so!

If you choose to have patterns, I recommend that only one person has them with every group of 4 and that they are neutral so that they aren’t distracting. If your patterns are multi-colored, you can use that outfit to tie in the colors of the rest of the colors. For example, if your dress has tan, green, and navy blue in it, you can use this to choose a that shade of green for another person’s top/outfit and so on.

Something to be aware of is that checkered patterns that are smaller than a quarter can cause something caused chromatic aberration. I also recommend avoiding bright reds/oranges and neon colors as these colors sometimes reflect color onto your skin. Here is a Pinterest board that I have created that may help guide you with your choices.

Preparing your Family for a Session

This Heights family photographer is here to help you! My first tip is to have your babes rested and fed as much as possible before coming. Sometimes family photography sessions don’t go as planned because of your littles, and that is okay! For babies, if they need a break to be fed or changed, do it.

If your toddler or kids want to run off, okay. We will with go with the flow so that the kids remain happy and not “forced” to take a traditional picture. We can either take pictures while turning it into a “game” or we can get some individuals done with mom and dad and the other kids. Typically, your kiddo will end up coming back after exploring a few feet away. Another thing that helps is honestly, bribery. Bring those favorite treats or toys. We can dangle them by my lens or give them a treat after participating in our photo session.

And a few more things…

I recommend planning on showing up 15 minutes early as it takes time to get everyone out of the car and to get situated. Last but not least, RELAX! : ) Amato Photography will guide you through the whole photography session with plenty of prompts to help you naturally interact with your family. You also know your children, what makes them smile and be free? Tossing them in the air? Dancing with them? We can do that to create an authentic and joyful experience! Be ready to have a good time and to be flexible, I promise the photos will turn out. Let’s take some beautiful photos together!

Thank you so much!

Thank you for reading this blog and for supporting Amato Photography. I would love to document you and your family. If you are in need of a session with a Heights family photographer, let’s create some magic together!

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