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Twin Newborn Posing | Lifestyle Session

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Twin Newborn Posing

Ahhh, newborn twin posing. At first it can feel daunting, when thinking about there being TWO! But really, I honestly loved doing this session as I felt like having two babies gave more variety for posing them. Below, I will give some tips on posing newborn twins so that you can leave this article having a visual aid, strategies, and confidence! These babies were IVF boys and their parents are so grateful to have them earth side. This newborn session took place at The Lumen Room in EADO Houston.

Posing with Connection

The first thing to remember is that you want photos to scream connection! I do this by always having mom and dad connected physically by grabbing onto one another, or having their faces or legs touching. The pose on the left was inspired by having the faces outward to get more details of the babies’ faces. Once we properly got them held, it was fun to add in the forehead to forehead prompt to add in more emotion.

Posing Rhythms

When taking photos with the babes and their individual parent, it is important to come with a strategy/rhythm in place so that you don’t forget a pose with the other twin. I usually go through an order, hold the baby, look at the baby, look at me, kiss the baby, forehead to forehead. Then I have the parent switch babies to do the same process over again with the other twin.

Diverse Posing

When it comes to diverse posing, I made sure to simply have them hold the babies in different directions. The first picture, notice how their heads are going the same way. Then the second, going opposite ways. The third photo has both of the babies’ heads facing towards one another. This helps give variety to the photos and for the babies to be photographed at different angles. On top of the different placement of the babies with their mom and dad, it is important to think about the angles you are photographing from. Take pictures from the side, above, close up, far away, etc. My favorite pose was definitely stacking them up in daddy’s arms! How sweet is that?!

twin newborn boys being held stacked on one another

Thank you!

Thank you for reading this blog and for supporting Amato Photography. If you loved this twin newborn session, I would love to document your journey of welcoming in a baby (or two) for a lifestyle newborn session. If you are wanting to book with Amato, let’s connect! Inquire here. If you are a fellow photographer, follow me on instagram so that you can stay up to date on future tips for your photography journey!

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