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Tips for a Winter Wedding in Texas | Written by a Wedding Photographer

January 24, 2023

My name is Hannah DeHart and I am a local Houston photographer. Check out my photography blogs and website to see if I can serve you!

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This winter wedding in Texas was one for the books and it was such an honor to photograph the Chitrit’s wedding day. Something that my bride did that fit the vibe was wearing a dress with sleeves. Does this dress not have the most beautiful details?! You can’t go wrong with some lace, sequins, and beautiful buttons.

FLOWERS! These gorgeous flowers created by the talented Wild Roses Events truly brought some winter vibes for this wedding day.

The weekend of this wedding, Texas was hit with a freeze and had snow (which is a big deal for the southern area of Texas). Because of cold temps, we stayed indoor for photos. My biggest piece of advice would be for a bride to find a venue or church that has lots of natural light coming in through the windows and neutral colored walls. It makes it so that there is still glow even if we don’t go outside! This was the perfect church as it had an area full of large windows and white walls, a wedding photographer’s dream!

Picking your Bridal Party

I encourage ALL Texas bride and grooms to choose their bridal party wisely. Which people have been there through thick and thin? Who do you think has invested into you and will continue to in the long run? Will these people bring joy to your special day, or negativity? This winter bride and groom made excellent decisions on their smaller bridal party. This group was hands on, ready to help, ready to laugh, ready to cry happy tears for their beloved friends. Aren’t friends just the most precious gift?

Last but not least, a few more tips. Ceremony time and first look. Since it is winter, I encourage having a first look so that you can 1. Have time to be with guests after the ceremony and family photos. 2. Your ceremony won’t have to be even earlier to make time for bride and groom photos, bridal party photos afterwards. I say this because you want to have light for these photos! Lastly, stay calm, breathe, and trust your wedding vendors to help make sure your day goes smooth and is beautiful!

Thank you for following this winter wedding!

Thank you for reading this blog and for supporting Amato Photography. If you loved learning tips about planning a winter wedding in Texas and need a wedding photographer, I would love to document you and your significant other’s special wedding day. If you are wanting to book an engagement session or your wedding, let’s connect! 

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