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Things to do in Houston with your Kids

My name is Hannah DeHart and I am a local Houston photographer. Check out my photography blogs and website to see if I can serve you!

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If you are looking for things to do in Houston with kids, then look no further!

This blog is going to outline 5 different things that you can do with your kids in Houston. Some free, some low cost. : ) Let’s get started below!

family hanging out at Terry Hershey in Houston, TX

1. Go to a nearby park.

You’re probably thinking, duuuuuuuuh, Hannah. We want something different. Well, parks are FREE and Houston has SO many of them. Here are some options that you may enjoy trying out! One amazing option is Terry Hershey which has several children’s parks at the entrance of each one. This park is SO huge that you most likely live by one of the entrances. : ) Another absolute FAVORITE of mine is the newly built nature play area at the Houston Arboretum. This park is amazing as it gives children the opportunity to explore, climb, run, but in a safe way. I host photography sessions here and 9/10 times the families end up playing at this park because of how cool it is! Kids LOVE IT! Bonus: Parking is free on Thursdays during the day!!

family together at a photography session in Houston

2. Go to the Houston Museum of Natural Science.

Oh man. Talk about an incredible experience! I feel like this option is great for many ages as it is stimulating and engaging for all children, just in different ways. I personally love the butterfly exhibit and love that it is less crowded to visit on weekdays. For more information, visit the link here.

3. Visit a public library.

Public libraries are amazing and FREE. If you look into a specific location near you, you’ll be happy to find that there are several that offer story times and interactive activities. After or before story time, your child can explore the different activities set up. Houston Public Library specifically hosts read alongs, STEM time, lego days, coding, and so much more. Keep up with the events, put it on your calendar, and venture out!

4. Go to a free indoor playland!

Houston First Baptist Church on the Loop has a free indoor play land (think fun tunnels, slides, etc.) that you can go to for free! The address of this location is Houston’s First Fitness & Recreation, 7401 Katy Fwy, Houston, TX 77024. Be sure to check into the hours online so that you go at a time that it is open! The area is new, safe, clean, and so fun!!

family during a photo session in houston, tx

5. Book a session with a photographer.

I bet you weren’t expecting that idea. One of the most special things that you can do is to make sure that you are documenting your children as they grow up. I feel the need to write this next part in all caps, GET IN THE PHOTOS MAMA!! If you find the right photographer, your session will be fun, and an adventure for all involved! You will play, chase, and hang out with your kids while getting your pictures taken. : ) If you have been wanting to freeze these moments with zero stress/pressure and 100% high fun… then I’d love to be your photographer! If you’re interested, feel free to reach out to me!

Thank you!

If you have made it this far, thank you for reading along and checking out the ideas that I have for you and your kiddos. I hope you enjoy exploring Houston and find something that works for you and your kids!

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