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As your wedding photographer,  I will show up with a joyful heart, the intention to lighten your load, and ready to celebrate you!

Whether I end up being your wedding photographer or not, my heart for all couples is that you find that your wedding day is all that you wanted it to be. That you have a hardworking, loving dream team surrounding you to alleviate the stresses wedding days can bring and be able to focus on the most important part, starting a beautiful marriage together. 

a glimpse into my heart

I will hype you up, guide you through your timeline for your day, PROMISE to get you comfortable in front of my camera, and of course document the laughs, the tears, and all the love. I am ready to be friends and have the best day ever alongside you!

I am here for YOU.

moral of the story

Take a look around to make sure you LOVE what you see! If you do, go ahead and fill out a contact form at the bottom of this page. We will then connect and I will get to hear a bit about your vision. You will receive any additional details and then we can decide if we are a good fit for one another. 

explore. inquire. connect.


The Booking Process

Here's what it looks like to book with Amato photography

8 hr packages starting at $4,350


Once you decide to officially book with me, I will send you over a booking link. In order to secure your date, you will need to sign the contract and pay a retainer fee. After this, you will receive a bridal guide that will give you a HUGE amount of information to help you prepare for your wedding day! From timelines, to engagement outfits, first looks, floral choices, etc. We will then be in touch to plan your engagement session and a consultation phone call to discuss your vision and customized timeline. 

Book with your Texas wedding photographer!

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Do we really need an engagement session? YES, yes you do. This will help us get to know one another so that on your wedding day, you have a friend tagging along taking your photos rather than a random vendor. 

engagement session

 it's time for your

I can also almost guarantee that having an engagement session will also help you feel comfortable and confident on your wedding day because you will know the prompts I use and how I take photos. It will make you feel like taking pictures is a BREEZE.

engagement session

it's time for your

Your bridal guide will have a large section preparing you for your time with me when taking your engagement photos. You will have help with coordinating outfits, mentally preparing, and picking the season you want them done in. If you have any other questions about engagement sessions, please reach out to me!!

engagement session

it's time for your

By now, we will have talked several times, hung out at your engagement session and possibly even your bridals. Your timeline is good to go and now it's time for you to relax and soak in this special day. I will make sure that we stay on the timeline and I will also contribute to celebrating your love in a joyful and fun way throughout your portraits time.  

I will be there for you to help fix your bustle, share some tissues for tears, laugh alongside you your loved ones, and overall to CELEBRATE your love. The candid moments, the prompted moments, the joyful, the tearful... I will document ALL of these things joyfully. 

your wedding day


Fall in love with the season you're in. 

Seasons are so temporary, yet we naturally are always looking for the next best thing. Once we get engaged, we can't wait to get married. We may already even be dreaming of having babies. These moments are fleeting, once they end and move forward to the next, we tend to miss parts of them. I want to encourage you to sit in this moment, cherish it, document it. I will help you have your engagement season and your wedding day photographed in a way that you can cherish forever.

help you feel comfortable in front of the camera

provide a custom bridal guide

walk alongside you in creating a custom timeline

love you, your family, and your friends well on your wedding day

add joy to your day

If you're looking for a wedding photographer to...

inquire now

document the in between moments (dad tearing up, bridesmaids peeking through the window at your first look, etc.)

then... you're in the right place!!!

I cannot compliment Hannah enough. She did my engagement photos, my bridals, and my wedding photos. I am an awkward poser so she guided me every step of the way. She is so detailed and takes TONS of creative shots. Not to mention, she hypes you up and helps you feel confident during your entire shoot. 

becca b.

amy s.

Hannah was warm, professional and easy to work with. Every session we had with her turned out BEAUTIFULLY and I am still getting compliments about her quality of work months after our wedding. It was like being with a friend each time we were all together and you can tell how comfortable we all were through the pictures. 

Jillian C.

Amato Photography was the best money we spent at our wedding! Hannah truly captured our joy that day, and looking at our pictures is like reliving the day (laughs, tears, and all!). In a couple of months we were given hundreds of edited photos and now the greatest struggle is limiting ourselves to a reasonable number to print and frame!

nidia H.

Hannah was an amazing photographer for our special day. She did our engagement pictures as well as our wedding photos and both came out better than we could have ever hoped for. Even in the chaos of the wedding day, she took the time to make us feel comfortable and catch all the little details I would have never thought about. To all the brides/ couples with upcoming weddings I would highly recommend Amato Photography!!

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