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Proposing Ideas to Help you Nail the Moment

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All proposal photos in this blog were taken by me, as the photographer, representing Amato Photography.

This blog is going to give you a few different proposing ideas and areas to focus in order to create a special, memorable day for you and your person. I will start off by sharing a little bit of my proposal story and then focus in on the 5 areas that I think made it special in order to help you get your brainstorming going.

My Proposal Story

I’m going to try to make this as quick and sweet as possible! My then boyfriend, Daniel absolutely surprised the crud out of me! I knew we would get engaged any day now, but the day and time that he did definitely tricked me. He worked on Saturdays, so I made plans to hang out with my girl friends. We got lunch before I was going to take some headshots. Since it was in the med district, we carpooled for easier parking.

I was super excited to try to take a few more of my friend at one of my favorite parks, but she drove past that park, and instead headed to another favorite park of mine, Buffalo Bayou. That’s when I knew something was going down. Once we got there, I see Danny waiting in the rose garden for me. He of course said some sweet things while I just wept before saying yes!

Flying my People Down

Afterwards, I see my best friend from Indiana pop out of the bushes with her camera, my roommate/bestie come from another direction, and while seeing/hugging them MY MOM AND SISTER FROM INDIANA CAME FROM BEHIND TO SURPRISE ME AS WELL! This was truly the best day ever.

Post Proposal

We then took a few photos, and then he surprised me with a customized lock to hang on the lock bridge. He also booked a super nice hotel for me and my girls to stay in that night which was so fun and so sweet! Waiting for us was a card saying congratulations and a bottle of champagne. That evening, I was also given letters from my closest friends in college to read. My friends shared about how much they love me and have prayed for this day to come. Talk about thoughtful, beautiful, and just oh so sweet. My now husband made sure to give me one of the best days of my life, and I hope to help you do the same!

What to Think About Before Proposing:

  1. Place of Significance
  2. Special People
  3. Flowers/A Personal Touch
  4. Post Plans
  5. Booking a Photographer

1. Place of Significance

First off, I think that it is important to decide WHERE you want to propose. Of course, you want it to be pretty and fit the vibe you are going for, but it adds so much meaning when you choose somewhere that you both have shared memories at. My husband and I use to walk and hammock at this park all the time! It’s a place we both love and had lovely memories at. Think of places you have been together that may even have been just one time, your first date, where you told her you loved her, etc.

2. Special People

Another proposing idea is involving special people that you two are close with. This one may vary depending on what you and your person prefer. Some people don’t want people there, some do. I knew that I wanted my closest people to me there, but I also knew that a lot of those people live in Indiana, where as we live in Houston. He knew that, and made it happen to have my mom, sister, and best friend fly down. When I say I wept, I mean… I wept. This meant SO much to me!

3. Flowers or a Personal Touch

Add in some of your person’s favorite flowers. My personal experience is that most girls MELT when flowers are involved. On top of that or even instead of that, add in your own personal touch. A few things my now husband surprised me with was a customized phrase on the inside of my ring, a customized lock to put on the lock bridge, and the letters from my loved ones. This made me feel so thought of and cared for and I will never forget the gestures that he went out of his way to do. Thinking about your significant other’s love language may also help you with this!

4. Post Plans

Depending on your personalities, you may want to plan a way to celebrate afterwards! You could plan a engagement celebration party directly after or that weekend after. I know, I know… you want me to plan MORE? If you think this would fill your partner’s cup up, then reach out to a few friends or family members and ask them to host. The most you would need to do is make a guest list and provide some pictures of the two of you! My husband knew I don’t like big parties or large groups of people, so instead, he booked the nice hotel for some quality time (my love language) and then we went to dinner with our families later that week to celebrate!

5. Book a Photographer

Last, but absolutely not least, BOOK THE PHOTOGRAPHER! You will not regret investing in a photographer. The photos my best friend took of us (she is a professional photographer as well) will forever bring back a huge flood of emotions and memories. I’m so grateful to have the photos forever and to have them to show our future children and grandchildren. BOOK THE PHOTOGRAPHER! Here is a blog I have written that will help you make sure you have chosen one that will provide you with a good experience!

Thank you!

I hope that this blog has helped you get an idea of how you would like to plan your proposal. If you know of a friend proposing, or have a friend with a boyfriend proposing, send this blog their way to help them feel prepared! If you are in the Houston area and are in need of a photographer, I would love to be your proposal photographer! You can look at my portfolio or inquire here.

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