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Heights In Home Photography Session |

September 26, 2022

My name is Hannah DeHart and I am a local Houston photographer. Check out my photography blogs and website to see if I can serve you!

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The lighting, the neutral colors, the love of a mama was everything for this Heights in home lifestyle photography session. Abigail nailed it with outfit choice, and has the cutest, simple style in her sweet little Heights home. The rocking chair was a great addition to our session.

heights in home photography session with baby and mom

The good thing about in home sessions with Amato, is that I will prepare you beforehand with outfit coordination, what to expect, how to prepare your space, and so on. If you are wondering how I do that, here is an example of one of the blogs I share with my clients. The other beautiful thing about a lifestyle photography session is that it is pretty relaxed, and you will feel comfortable and in your element. I say this because you are in your own home, and you have me to help guide you in interactions to feel confident, connected, and comfortable.

mom holding baby while walking during photography session

Lean into the Moments During Your in Home Photography Session

This Heights in home photography session turned out amazing because of Abigail leaning into the moments. Baby crying? No worries, rock him, feed him, toss him to make him giggle. This flexibility and willingness to ebb and flow all led to candid, genuine moments. The key to a family photography session is understanding that kids will be kids, babies will be babies. Lean into the moments they create and we will truly get to document you and your family in a genuine way. Stay calm, trust the process, and know that the images will be amazing because they will depict the season you are in!

Thank you!

Thank you for reading this blog and for supporting Amato Photography. I would love to document you and your family. If you are wanting an Heights in home lifestyle photography session, or even one outdoors, let’s connect!

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  1. Joseph West says:

    Beautiful pictures, the photographer crafted amazing photos.

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