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Heights Houston newborn photographer | In Home Session

October 6, 2022

My name is Hannah DeHart and I am a local Houston photographer. Check out my photography blogs and website to see if I can serve you!

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I am a Heights Houston newborn photographer and this session was the absolute sweetest! I loved getting to know Jim and Vicky. They first reached out about doing a maternity session together and we ended up taking them at The Lumen Room. We shared lots of laughs together when I kept mixing up Jim’s name with “Mitch”. They were troopers and thought it was hilarious, by the end we were purposely calling him Mitch.

Vicky went through a hard labor and ended up staying in the hospital a little longer than planned. This caused us to postpone our lifestyle newborn session, which was absolutely fine with me. Newborn sessions are flexible because having you never really know how much time the family may need to get home and adjust.

Baby Aida was so chill and alert! One of my favorite parts about photographing newborns is when they just stare into my camera. It fascinates me that just a few days or weeks old how babies can just follow my camera and track it when taking photos of her.

Once we were done taking photos, Jim and Vicky gave me all the best spots to check out near the Garden Oaks/Heights area. They raved about a place called Dairy Maids. If you love cheese, this is a place for you to check out! They gave me many more fun locations/places to explore. It almost felt weird to leave these two as they felt like friends by the end of the session. I look forward to staying in touch them and photographing them in their future!

Thank you!

Thank you for reading this blog and for supporting Amato Photography. I would love to document you and your family. If you are in need of a Houston Heights newborn photographer and you want to do an in home newborn session, let’s connect!

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