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Finding the Best Houston Proposal Photographer

September 16, 2022

My name is Hannah DeHart and I am a local Houston photographer. Check out my photography blogs and website to see if I can serve you!

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Houston Proposal Photographer: How to Guarantee you Hire the best

Check the Photographer’s Portfolio

It is so important to make sure that the Houston proposal photographer you are looking into has a portfolio. This will help ensure that you are hiring an experienced photographer that will provide you with quality, authentic photos.

What Types of Services does the Proposal Photographer Offer?

Something that can help your planning is if this photographer offers wedding photography. If you end up loving your proposal photographer AND they offer wedding photography, you just made your wedding planning one step easier. Having professional photos taken of you can be nerve-racking, but most likely the amazing photographer you hire will help you feel comfortable and you will be ready for your engagement session and beautiful wedding day.

Look into the Pricing of the Photographer

Many times we want to look for the “most affordable”, but I do encourage you to value the quality over quantity. If the photographer is charging an incredibly low rate, it is likely they may not be a legitimate business and therefore may not have all of their ducks in a row. This can affect quality of photos, being scammed of money, or even not receiving the gallery you were promised.

Personality, Communication, Availability with the Proposal Photographer

Beyond checking out the photographer’s website, I encourage you to see if their personality/page resonates with you and your partner. Do they seem like you’d get along well together? The next step would be to reach out at least two weeks in advance! Photographers can book up fast, especially in busy season, so it is important to contact them to make sure they are available.

Thank you!

Thank you for reading this blog and for supporting Amato Photography. I would love to document your engagement. If you are in need of a Houston proposal photographer, let’s connect!

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