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Boxwood Manor Wedding Venue | Why You Should Book!

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reception area of boxwood manor near the houston area

Boxwood Manor

This blog is going to outline the top reasons why you should book your wedding at Boxwood Manor. I was fortunate enough to be a photographer at this venue and it was such an incredible experience from start to finish!

1. Location

If you are from the Houston area, this location is a good option compared to heading further out North towards other popular venues. This location is a closer commute for you and your guests AND has hotels/airbnbs surrounding it. I loved knowing I didn’t have to drive over an hour to get here or to get back home. It felt nice to have a shorter drive and to sleep in my own bed!

Address: 945 E Hufsmith Rd, Tomball, TX 77375

couple at their wedding venue in Tomball, Texas


When I say that they have an incredible coordination team on your wedding day, I am not playing around. There was a team of SEVERAL ladies that were there from the beginning to the end. They helped problem solve, arrange the first look, set up the space, keep the timeline going, and they did it with straight joy and grace. When you pick your venue, I truly believe the vendor team and the support you receive makes or breaks your experience. This team is by far the top in the industry and I LOVED being around them!

bridal suite at boxwood

3. Bridal & Groom Suites

The spaces for you to get ready are comfortable, cute, and fun! With an aesthetic space to hang out in and get your photos taken in (I always encourage brides to look for venues with good natural light for the best photos).

bride and groom in their wedding photos at Boxwood Manor wedding venue in Tomball


Boxwood Manor is gorgeous both inside and out. The modern and white vibes it has gives you so much freedom with your decor/photography styles and preferences. The outdoor spaces are gorgeous as well as the indoor spaces that have amazing natural light and beautiful interior design.

party after a boxwood manor wedding

5. Boxwood Manor: It’s the best place to add some fun!

Many weddings here add in lots of fun for the reception! The reception space is the perfect area to add in choreographed dances, styrofoam glow wands, hats, and confetti to fall from the ceiling to wrap up the night. I was smiling ear to ear throughout the night as I watched the fun increase more and more.

Thank you!!

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog about Boxwood Manor Venue. It is such a dreamy venue that is beautiful, ran by amazing people, and overall a great environment to get married in. If you are interested in inquiring about Boxwood Manor, here is their website. If you are interested in booking with a Boxwood wedding photographer, explore my website.

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