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The Best Wedding Dress Shops in Houston

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Where do you begin when it comes to wedding dress shopping in Houston?

Houston is a HUGE city which can make it feel very overwhelming to find the best wedding dress shops. I have picked some of my favorite stores to help you get a good start on finding your dream dress! These options will be in and around the Houston area. The stores will vary with prices, in store experiences and styles. All websites will be linked at the bottom of this blog if you are wanting to explore the stores more. Happy reading!

champagne tower during a wedding reception in houston, texas

1. Whittington Bridal in Kingwood, TX

Whittington Bridal is one of my FAVORITE wedding dress shops in Houston! I may be a little bias because of me finding my dress here, buuuut I would say it is amazing for many reasons. Whittington has several types of dresses and price ranges. I personally was shopping for a wedding dress off the rack as I had a short engagement, so that’s what I was there for! Believe it or not, they had TONS of off the rack options to choose from. I have been here a few other times with friends who were not shopping off the rack, which was also a great experience. The ladies who work here are phenomenal.

They made me feel at ease, confident, and excited (when I was originally somewhat nervous). My consultant listened to me and what I liked which then led to her running around to find more dresses that suited my preference. Once we did find one, you would think that we won a million bucks, my sweet girl had us ring a bell and made a big announcement in the store. Dresses start at $1,800+, but off the rack can be an option if you are looking for a dress that costs less than that.


bride and groom with their outfits from a wedding dress shop in houston

2. Weddings by Debbie in Katy, TX

This next store has a LARGE variety of dresses. Similar to Whittington Bridal, this store is more high end. The dress in the above photo is a dress from Weddings by Debbie and I was in LOVE! I have met the owner of this store and it was very clear that she is super passionate about what she does. She has an eye for beautiful gowns and is passionate about getting the perfect ones into her store.

Weddings by Debbie also offers alterations, pressing, and dress storage services which is convenient to have. I found that it was hard to find people I trusted when I was in my journey of altering my dress and then saving it long term.


bride and groom dancing in their wedding dress and tux

3. BHLDN at City Centre in Houston, TX

Okay, this store is SO cute! It’s also fun because when we went, they gave you mimosas or champagne to sip on. : ) BHLDN has a beautiful, yet stand out style in my opinion compared to other wedding dress shops. I feel like the dresses there are a specific vibe. I remember coming here because I loved all of the dresses I saw from them and it just felt like the style I was going for! These gowns cost at about $1,400-$2,800.

The style is unbeatable, the prices are a bit more doable depending on the budget that you have for your dress. I will say that this store has significantly less options that other bridal shops as it carries a smaller amount of options, but if you know it’s your style… it is absolutely worth going into!


wedding details

4. Brickhouse Bridal in Spring, TX

Brickhouse Bridal has STUNNING wedding dresses! There are over 500 dresses to choose from!! It is a lot, but have no fear because I guarantee that a Brickhouse Bridal consultant will be there to help you along the way. The team and this store reminds me a lot of Whittington when it comes to options, style, pricing, and the quality experience they give you.

This boutique also offers fun accessories like a bride jean jacket, jewelry, veils, bridesmaid sweatshirts/tops, and more! Pricing for dresses runs at about $2,000-$6,000. They also offer off of the rack options if that is something you would be interested in.


bride in her wedding dress from whittington bridal in kingwood, TX

5. Unbridaled in First Ward Arts District in Houston, TX

I have to be honest, this next shop is one I have not personally been to, BUT YOU HAVE TO SEE THESE DRESSES! Unbridaled prides themselves in being known for their unique wedding dresses. Just going through their website makes me feel like I need to get married again to wear one… just kidding.

I just love the unique look of these dresses, it makes me feel like just about anyone could find the dress that the perfect fit. These dresses range from $1,000-$7,000. The bridal accessories are so beautiful as well! I would say this store is last on the least, but absolutely not the least. : )


Thank you so much for taking the time to read this blog that hopefully helped you find new wedding dress shops in Houston. If you are in need of a photographer, I would love to be on your dream team for vendors. Take a look at my website here and reach out if you think we would be a good fit!

Thank you!

Websites to the wedding dress shops mentioned above:

  1. Unbridaled
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