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Photography based on authentic moments & friendship

Houston, tx

I am a Houston photographer who would love to serve you and best of all become your friend. I grew up a small town Indiana girl most of my life until I moved to Houston in 2016. I am married to the man of my dreams, Daniel. My husband and I constantly crave being in the mountains and adventuring. We rescued a dog off of the highway, named Noey, who we are so in love with!

Being a feeler, I innately look for those intimate, real moments to document. I am mostly known for my bright, colorful, natural images that come from me supporting you to get there! I will help you create candid moments and feel comfortable in front of the camera by:

1. being your friend.
2. creating prompts that create natural moments.
3. making it fun and an easy going time!

Meet Hannah DeHart!


Exploring trails in and around the giant city of Houston, planning the next trip with my hubby (which of course includes the mountains), pilates, yoga, and having deep conversations during long walks with my loved ones.

Hannah was warm, professional, and easy to work with. It was like being with a friend each time we were all together and you can tell how comfortable we all were through the pictures.

— amy s.

I love Jesus and see my photography business as an opportunity to serve others. Amato is the Italian word for beloved, I chose this name to remind myself and others that we are loved. Our interactions before, during, and after will hopefully leave you feeling loved and connected from our newly formed friendship.

My goal is to use my business to serve and love others.

more about amato

The picture on the left is of me, my amazing husband, and our rescue pup, Noey. I am a dog lover and have always dreamed of rescuing a dog. Well, my dream came true when we were on our way to a session and saw a dog entering the exit of a highway. We immediately got 5 lanes over and stopped to grab him. He ran straight to my husband and he tossed him into the car. The rest has been history.

I love dogs.

I'm a lover, I'm a friend. I can't help but want to be your friend. I will take time to invest into our relationships because I want to know you and your story so that I can truly document your story. I want you to feel encouraged, comfortable, and connected. 

I thrive off of friendship.

Whether it be the organization I volunteer with in Honduras called Humanity and Hope, at-risk children in our community, or even your own babies, I. love. them. Point blank. I have a heart for children and believe that they all deserve a safe and healthy environment. I'm definitely an advocate for the voiceless and will do what it takes to invest and support children. 

I am passionate for children.

“We cannot recommend Hannah enough!!!! She is just amazing!”

We cannot recommend Hannah enough!!!! She is just amazing! She captured our special moment perfectly and was so accommodating, professional, and made us feel comfortable being in front of the camera. She has such a good eye for angles/poses and is so creative. She got our photos back to us earlier than expected and we are in love with them!! We will cherish them forever!!

christina l.

Reviews from Amazing Clients:

“She knew how to make us feel comfortable in front of the camera.”

Hannah is an amazing person and photographer! She knew how to make us feel comfortable in front of the camera. She did her research beforehand and had a plan for the photos, while being very open and receptive to our ideas and vision. I would recommend Hannah to anyone!

Lindsey H.

“She hypes you up and helps you feel confident during your entire shoot.”

I cannot compliment Hannah enough. She did my engagement photos, my bridals, and my wedding photos. I am an awkward poser so she guided me every step of the way. She is so detailed and takes TONS of creative shots. Not to mention, she hypes you up and helps you feel confident during your entire shoot. I’ll use Hannah for all life’s major events!

Becca b.